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    Image #1 from Farooq malyck

    Farooq malyck

    Recieved the parcel of my daughter’s pic cushion yesterday.. really love the quality of ur product nd also satisfied with fast delivery service.. thanku so much 💕

    Cushion PillowCushion Pillow

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    Image #1 from Lailajaffry


    I received a good quality frames on time. I like all of them and recommend them to every one.😊

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Alina


    You’re the best in service and quality of product

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Hina Malik

    Hina Malik

    Amazing Product. Delivered on time

    Photo MagnetsPhoto Magnets

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    Image #1 from Kamran Mir

    Kamran Mir

    Amazing good quality!

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Fatima Noureen
    Image #2 from Fatima Noureen

    Fatima Noureen

    I am amazed by the quality and finishing of your products. It was a great experience with printShrint. Will shop again soon 🙂

    Photo MagnetsPhoto Magnets

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    Image #1 from Awais khan

    Awais khan

    Perfect perfect perfect experience

    Photo MagnetsPhoto Magnets

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    Image #1 from Ayesha nasir

    Ayesha nasir

    I loved the fridge magnets ….equality of magnets and printing is excellent ..well delivered on time …..great experience 🤩🤩🤩

    Photo MagnetsPhoto Magnets

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    Image #1 from Aqsa
    Image #2 from Aqsa


    *Authentic honest review*
    I am a photography enthusiast. Was looking for a reliable photo developing service for a long time.
    Did so much homework ( 2 years). Found your website. Read the reviews, watched insta stories. I was so impressed. I ordered 36 photo magnets
    And really satisfied with quality.
    1:Cropping/ uploading on website is really simple. Exact same dimensions are printed.
    2:Quality is good.
    3:Packaged nicely and safely.
    4:Delivery is within 4 days. (I live in RWP, and they ship from KHI)
    5:There’s no other photo magnet maker in the country running online and entertaining customised orders as per my research.

    2 photos had tiny ink blotches on them

    Pro tip: upload photos from PC.

    Photo MagnetsPhoto Magnets

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    Image #1 from Nawaz


    Nano sticky tiles prints were amazing ,using good quality material and colours are very poping.

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Mehreen Tanveer

    Mehreen Tanveer

    It was up to the mark

    Photo MagnetsPhoto Magnets

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    Image #1 from Zubia Ali

    Zubia Ali

    Very nice experience

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Hasrat Bashir

    Hasrat Bashir

    Very happy with your service and products which u delivered on time.keep it up

    DEAL :: 9 Magnets + 1 MugDEAL :: 9 Magnets + 1 Mug

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    Image #1 from Reyan Murtaza

    Reyan Murtaza

    These were really good. I loved them.

    Polaroid PrintsPolaroid Prints

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    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous


    Excellent service provided by the PrintShrint team. I ordered Nano Sticky Tiles photos which I received in reasonably early time frame. Quality of printing is very good. They have used fine quality of raw materials. They always come upto the desired standard for the personalized experiences. They completely understand the psychy behind the personalization of the ordered item. I wish them more success that they keep making people happy with their work.

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from ahsan naqvi

    ahsan naqvi

    perfect quality

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Zohaib Shaheen

    Zohaib Shaheen

    Received within 3 days.

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Zahra hussain

    Zahra hussain

    loved it….

    Retro PrintsRetro Prints

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    Image #1 from Maria safeer

    Maria safeer

    Amazing experience

    Nano Sticky TilesNano Sticky Tiles

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    Image #1 from Anonymous


    Its amazing… Its so love to shop

    Photo StickersPhoto Stickers

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